Do you know anyone who has been affected by violence?

Have you ever considered how you can help one youth make a positive life change?

Would you help stop the violence if you could?

Dear Friends,

In honor of my son, Demetrius DeShields, who was senselessly murdered, I have formed a non-profit organization called Intelligent One.Demetrius was with friends when an unidentified young man fired shots into a crowd of people shooting my son in the back. The bullet pierced his lung and heart causing him to bleed to death. Demetrius was denied his chance at a full and enriching life, and his family and friends were denied a loving and wonderful person. Demetrius, family and friends loved and adored him. I cannot begin to tell you as a mother the devastation and the profound pain that I feel for the loss of my son.

Intelligent One is asking for your support to stop this senseless violence by helping teens and young adults learn to make better life changing decisions by building their self-esteem.

Intelligent One is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was established to empower teens and young adults to build self-esteem, to instill respect for self and others and to relate to one another in a peaceful non-violent way. Intelligent One provides alternative choices for teens and young adults. Intelligent One has developed an educational video based curriculum on building self-esteem; our curriculum has been viewed and approved by psychologists, psychiatrists, professors and teachers who agree that our program will make a positive impact in the lives of our youth and young adults. Our video participants are doctors, lawyers, Supreme Court Justice, professors, pastors, athletes, managers and more. We also have heartfelt stories from those who have overcome adversities and hardships.

Your needed donations will help support Intelligent One programs in our public and private schools and colleges, Building self-esteem in just one youth strengthens our community and can save a family from the heartache that I am personally experiencing in my life. All donations are gratefully appreciated and will be used with care and diligence for our teens and young adult program! Your donations are fully tax deductible.

In addition to your monetary donations Intelligent One is always looking for volunteers to support our program. There are many ways you can give of your time. Please email us and find out how you can help.

Marlenea DeShields Salmu: Founder, Intelligent One Organization, Mother of Demetrius DeShields

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