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Bill Matar, IT/Finance Specialist
Bryna Stankiewicz Vice President Marketing and Communications
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Daphne E. Barbee-Wooten ~ Attorney at Law
Diana L. Pinard, Director of Organizational Planning & Operations
Donna Ching
Dr. Frank Williams, making house calls
Egan Inoue's World Champion Martial Arts
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James Graham Chief Technology Officer Guide Star Engineering
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John Grandinetti Solar Power
Josh Atkins Quality Construction LLC
Junior, Voice Master Singing School
Kent Untermann, Pictures Plus
Kona Smith Ohana Hearing Care
Pauli SaImu Oracle Consultant
Phillip D. Rios, Psy.D.
Phyliss Francis, MA CLC PCC Awakening Lives
Richard Kablan, Soil Science
Richard Kablan, Soil Scientist
Rustam A. Barbee Attorney at Law
Seibert L. Murphy, President Guide Star Engineering, LLC
Tiffany Thurston
Tracy M.M. Clarkin, Loan Specialist
Tyler Roukema
Virginia J. Holmes, New Penny Cleaning Service LLC
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