Is it Important to Fit In at School?

Have you been plagued with the desire to "fit in" at school, at work, in society? I mean, I completely understand your reasoning if you do; you want to be accepted and not be put down or shunned by the fact that you're different than everyone else with their Hollister clothes and superficial attitudes. Yes, we all get sucked into the norms at some point, wishing that we could get the chance to set our own trends and not be on the outskirts of acceptability. But some of us are just not meant to fit in to this materialized society.

Some of us are meant for bigger things.

We are the ones who don't quite understand the whole point of talking about the the juiciest gossip about who broke up with who, or what in the world did that girl do to her hair. Everyone loves a big fat conspiracy, no matter how meaningless it is. And then there are the completely over enthusiastic, way-too-much-fanticizing conversations that involve the oh so beloved Zach Efron or any other celebrity who you'd do anything for to marry. And the heated discussions about the toughest Jock in the school, or the lamest kid. Don't you not see the meaninglessness of all these time-wasting thoughts? It's up to you to save the teenaged population from becoming the race of superficiality.

And you, dear reader; if you want to follow in the footsteps of these Masters of All that is Shallow, then feel free. But you are going in the wrong direction. Yes, I do understand the urge that we all get to be noticed or even liked by the majority of the teenaged mass. It's only human nature to want to be considered as the same social level as the rest of your school. But sadly, that's not how the world works; somehow, certain random groups of people are sorted into 'popular' and others aren't, but if you are not, you shouldn't feel ashamed because that makes you no less than anyone else. (And if you are in the group of popularity, don't let that change who you are inside.) I feel that if you are not fitting in as much as you would hope, you should know that that is a gift, not a curse. You are gifted with the Sight, and you have the ability to see what no other teenager sees: the unimportance of most things considered "cool" and "normal." And so, I leave the decision to you to choose what you think is important; fitting in, or being yourself in all your unique glory.


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