According to Medicare, obesity is a disease. But according to others, it's actually a lifestyle.

April Herndon, an associate professor of English at Winona State University in Minnesota, is one person who is tackling the issue.

Psychology Today writer Alice Dreger, a professor of clinical medical humanities and bioethics at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, asked Herndon to address some obesity questions. In regards to whether it's a disease or a lifestyle choice, Herndon said, "The truth is that obesity is so complicated that most doctors and scientists will admit that the answer may change for each person or (gasp!) that we just don't know."

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Surviving Schoolwork

Homework sucks. That attitude is almost a given when asked of a student. And yeah, that's an understandable standpoint considering that, after a long day of toiling through at least six hours of schooling, we are free to go home, only to continue our brain workouts there. Us kids want a break, we want to "have a life," and not have piles of stressful assignments hanging in the back of our minds.

But there's one problem; we have to do the work anyways. No matter how much we dread doing our school work, it's still going to be there awaiting our attention, whether we get it out of the way immediately or put something resembling work together on the morning it's due. Regardless of your work ethic, it's got to be done.

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Summer Break in Hawaii

We live in Hawaii. We live in paradise, where eight million people a year spend precious dollars in their eagerness to experience the beauty of such a place. We live here, and what do we do? Relax and unwind everyday in the light of the fading sunset with pina coladas in our hands? No, chances are, even during summer break, we are mostly toiling away the hours, happy with the freedom that summer break gives us, but nonetheless only enjoying ourselves with the mediocrity which comes with a place we are used to living in. But as I said, we still live in paradise, and so there are countless things we can do to have a blast during summer break that do not include staring at electronic screens or sleeping.

1.      There are mountains. Although there is no Mount Everest within our vicinity, there are beautiful, fun trails to hike at nonetheless. My favorites include Olomana, Wiliwilinui, and Aiea loop trail.

2.      Go to the beach. It is Hawaii, so we might as well use to our advantage our being literally surrounded by beautiful beaches. Sandy's and Makapu'u have great waves, Alan Davis has crystal clear waters, Kailua and Waimanalo beach are beautiful, Walls is the hang out spot, and Waimea is by far, in my opinion, the most fun of all.  

3.      Play tourist for a day...or more. Walk the streets of Waikiki, discover new cafés and eateries, and just enjoy the perks of being a tourist--as a local.

4.      Just do what you love to do. If you're a bookworm like me, read to your heart's content. Play an instrument you're good at, or learn how to play one. Increase your artistic talent, make up some go-to choreography...I don't know. Just have fun while you can, before the school days sneak back up on us. All in all, have a blast this summer. Win your very own vacation in Hawaii, doing what you love to do, here in the islands that are your home.

By Jocelyn 


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