According to Medicare, obesity is a disease. But according to others, it's actually a lifestyle.

April Herndon, an associate professor of English at Winona State University in Minnesota, is one person who is tackling the issue.

Psychology Today writer Alice Dreger, a professor of clinical medical humanities and bioethics at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, asked Herndon to address some obesity questions. In regards to whether it's a disease or a lifestyle choice, Herndon said, "The truth is that obesity is so complicated that most doctors and scientists will admit that the answer may change for each person or (gasp!) that we just don't know."

Surviving Schoolwork

Homework sucks. That attitude is almost a given when asked of a student. And yeah, that's an understandable standpoint considering that, after a long day of toiling through at least six hours of schooling, we are free to go home, only to continue our brain workouts there. Us kids want a break, we want to "have a life," and not have piles of stressful assignments hanging in the back of our minds.

But there's one problem; we have to do the work anyways. No matter how much we dread doing our school work, it's still going to be there awaiting our attention, whether we get it out of the way immediately or put something resembling work together on the morning it's due. Regardless of your work ethic, it's got to be done.

What do you consider a good friend?

What do you consider a good friend? To me a good friend is someone who cares about you. A person who knows all the bad things about you, but chooses to see the good. When you are with a good friend you feel young and invincible, a good friend is someone who brings out the best in you and makes you see yourself in a better light. A good friend watches out for you and strives to protect you. I am blessed enough to find these qualities in my best friends Rebecca, Sam, Sara and Annabelle.

I walked through the halls of campus trying my best to pat down the mess that was my hair. I had woken up 30 minutes late so that meant no time to do make up, hair or eat food. I walked in to the bathroom and looked at the fuzzy headed, dark eyed monster in the mirror, yup I looked exactly how felt… horrible. I gathered all my courage to leave the bathroom and enter the public eye. My friends were sitting at our usual spot in the corner of saber hall; they looked up noticing my presence. The looks on their faces confirmed my fears; I looked like a troll doll. “Are you ok?” Rebecca asked cautiously. “Yeah you look horrible” said Sam as Sara nodded her head, the twins were always more blunt. “Oh thanks “I replied sarcastically “I’m just not having a very good day”.

“Oh come on you don’t look that bad” Annabelle lied “yeah we were just kidding” and I rolled my eyes but smiled at their attempts to make me feel better. “Here” Annabelle held out her hand and I grabbed it letting her pull me up. My friends led me in to the bathroom. They began ruffling through their bags. Surrounding me they all got to work. when they were done I looked in to the mirror and smiled, Sara had put a little lip gloss on my dry cracking lips, Annabelle put a light layer of eyeliner making the dark marks under my eyes less noticeable, Rebecca braided my hair on both sides to hold down my fizzy hair, and Sam applied mascara to my eyelashes making me look more awake. Still smiling, I turned and hugged them all. So what do I consider a good friend? Good friends are people who are there for you when you need them and are always there to help.

By Jocelyn 


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