Pattie and Denise decided to go to a party one night. Pattie didn't know anyone there, but she knew that this was the perfect opportunity to make new friends. It was a nice party! The music was good and just about everyone was dancing.  Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a guy looking at her, He walked over and introduces himself. "Hi," my name is Jason! They talked for a while and Jason finally got up the nerve to ask Pattie to dance. After the party, they exchange phone numbers and promise to keep in touch.

They had been dating for about a month when Jason asked Pattie to have sex with him. Pattie told him "No". He said everything he could think of to change her mind. You know I love you, “Your the only girl for me," and " I want you to have my baby”. Once Pattie decided to have sex with him Jason refused to wear a condom. He kept telling Pattie that it was ok I don't have any diseases so you are safe!!! Still a little reluctant, she had sex with him without a condom. Pattie became sick since Pattie was nineteen years old, she didn’t need her parents to help make an appointment to see her Doctor. The Doctor asks Pattie a lot of questions about her life, and about her symptoms. So, he ran a series of test to determine what was wrong with her. Well, the Doctor gave Pattie some sobering news. Pattie, you have contracted an STD. The one you have is called Gonorrhea! So, the Doctor ran even more extensive test on Pattie to determine the extent of the damage, since Pattie told him that she had sex a year ago. Sadly, the Doctor came back with the new that would shock any woman. At the age of only nineteen years old, Pattie found out that she will never be able to have children.

Pattie’s story is just a reminder of why it's so important to wait to have sex! Not waiting can cause a series of problems like STD’s and unplanned pregnancy. Let’s consider some facts, In the U.S. alone more than 20,000 women a year face infertility problems (unable to have a baby) just because they didn’t know that they had an STD. Men know that they have (STD symptoms) much earlier before women do. Condoms can be effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy, and the spread of more serious STD’s out there like HIV and AIDS. All Condoms do NOT work, please check with your doctor to find out the best Condoms to use. Having an unplanned pregnancy can also be a result of not waiting to have sex. Some teen mothers will never finish high or get their GED, some will never marry.  Infants of teen mothers have more health problems most end-up with weight problems later in life which can lead to health problems. Abstinence/Abstaining (no sex at all) is the only way to be sure that you will not have an unwanted pregnancy or get an STD. It’s Ok to wait to have sex!!! Most wish that they had waited until they became adults. If someone is pressing you to have sex tell your parents, guardian, school counselor, or another adult. Look at Intelligent One article on Condoms, (ARE THEY SAFE). For more information on STD’s Checkout these online sites, WebMD,, Medical Daily, and Advocates for Youth.

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