Being able to have taken part in altruistic efforts abroad from a young age is an opportunity I am extremely fortunate to have had, as I have grown up along with my parents’ nonprofit. Going to Bangladesh to do this sort of work was one of my most life-changing experiences, and I give credit to it playing an essential part in the development of the person I have become and continue becoming today. Visiting these people in their dilapidated homes in such underdeveloped, swampy villages really amazed me as I considered the vastness of wealth and development that simultaneously exist elsewhere like in my home of Hawai'i. Not only did this experience change my perspective by allowing me to see how fortunate and abundant we are in the developed world compared to these village people, but it also amazed me to see the contentment and love that was so apparent in these peoples’ features despite their lack of basic necessities. Knowing that happiness can still exist in such barren conditions made me chastise myself for ever being dissatisfied in my extremely fortunate circumstances, and calls to all of us to be appreciative for what we have.

By Jocey




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