My father’s nonprofit, Developing World Solar, has aimed at helping those in need in developing countries, specifically with clean energy devices. The peculiar-looking device in this picture depicts the solar oven that my father had designed himself, and which has been the moving force behind our altruistic efforts to both better the lives of the people as well as help the environment. Ideally, the solar oven would allow village people to cook their food without the need for firewood, which would either cost money that is hard to come by or required people to trek far distances to find wood for themselves, thereby increasing deforestation and carbon emissions. This perfect mix between environmental and social altruism led us to pursue the distribution and usage of the oven throughout many areas in Africa, and our most successful attempt has been in the hard-to-pronounce city of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. Most haven’t heard of this country, and yet it is beautiful in all its stark, dry ruggedness. You can see the sun’s heat and the day-to-day labor etched in the faces of the people there, and yet that weathered look enhances their beauty in knowing how much they have persevered through in their lives of hardship.  


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